Private Notebook

A light and elegant note app

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Weighing less than 10 MB, Private notebook is the perfect app to keep your notes private without taking up too much space or battery. Made of stylish material design, Private notebook helps with a simple and easy to use interface.

Advantage :

  • Made of an elegant material design
  • Really light, less than 10 Mo
  • Encryption and authentication support
  • Lots of customization
  • Full of useful features

Features :

  • Save text notes
  • Label them to easily organize yourself
  • Strong database encryption for maximum security and privacy
  • Enable authentication with pin, password or even fingerprint to protect your privacy
  • Schedule reminders
  • Strong sorting possibility
  • Powerful search
  • Choose between multiple themes, font family and font size
  • Day-night theme support
  • Backup securely your data to your phone or to the cloud
  • Enable automatic backup and the app will backup every change you made
  • Share text to the app to quickly create a new note
  • And more useful settings and features

and more to come...

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